Healthy living should be enjoyable and support peak health as well as health challenges!  Amphore has grown over the last few years.  We’ve got nine people on board – all multi-tasking in the office & workshop.  And they run our weekly market stalls.  We’ve got a wide range of ages and experiences with one common idea – to make clean, unprocessed, living foods – which improve people’s health.

At Amphore we’ve been fermenting Kombucha commercially for over eight years – perhaps the oldest supplier in Sydney.  Kombucha is a living culture of bacteria and yeast, feeding off green tea and sugar to produce a great tasting digestive and detox tonic.  Using “real food” ingredients gives our Kombucha a unique depth of flavour.  There are no chemical processes, no preservatives and no fillers.  We use organic sugar – but very little remains when we bottle. Both the Ginger Brew and Mint Green Kombuchas are delicious chilled, or warmed as a hot toddy.

We are passionate about gut health, and this led us to create Cocomilk-Kefir – another naturally fermented beverage.  It’s a versatile probiotic ingredient for sweet or savoury dishes.  We only use “Water Kefir” culture (another bacteria and yeast colony), so our product is suitable for vegans, lactose intolerant customers and all ages .  It can be used anywhere that people currently use yogurt, cream or sour cream.  And, like Kombucha, it’s a great tasting living food!