Loving Earth is a 360° brand that believes Food is Sacred.

What does that mean?

It means we care about the people who grow and eat our food, the process we use to make it and our impact on the planet. We collaborate with communities all around the world, pay fair prices and source premium organic wholefood ingredients that are as healthy as they are delicious.

We have taken years to build real relationships with communities who still use traditional growing and harvesting methods.

Our beans are grown by the Ashaninka people of the Amazon basin, the part of the planet from which cacao actually originated! The Ashaninka use skills handed down from generation to generation as they grow and harvest their indigenous cacao.

Our chocolate is made using raw cacao, from bean to bar, right here in Melbourne. We use the unroasted bean, meaning the chocolate retains more of its antioxidants and you can actually taste the floral flavours of this authentic Peruvian cacao.

Our breakfast cereals are activated (sprouted).  This unlocks all the nutrients, making them easier to digest. We also use minimally processed natural sweeteners with a low glycemic index, which helps keep your blood sugar stable.

At every step we stand by our values, which is why we worked hard to find the right people to make our chocolate packaging. It is all home compostable, using vegetable inks. Even the plastic looking inner wrapper is in fact non-GMO potato starch.

Our range has a lot of depth; it tastes delicious, is organic, vegan, grain & gluten free and packed in environmentally friendly, beautifully designed packaging, the full 360°.